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Date: 07/07/04

Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 12:05:16 +0100

Mary Fisher wrote:
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>> Mary Fisher wrote:
>>>> Does anyone have any experience of using any of their range?
>>> I use the GM free mixed poultry grain because it's the nearest I can
>>> get to organic.
>> They do an organic too according to my distributors list
> Sorry, forgot to reply to this point.
> I get my grain from Bardsey Mills because that's the only source of
> organic or GM free I can find reasonably locally. But they mostly
> cater for horses and if they had to buy organic in bulk it probably
> wouldn't be worth it. Perhaps I could ask next time I go. I certainly
> can't justify buying more than one bag at a time.

In theory if the place is being supplied bagged feed from Allen and Page
then they can get the organic. It partly depends on whether they have to
order a pallet at a time or if they can get mixed pallets.

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