Re: Lame chicken - advice please ? Scaly Leg Mite!!!

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> OmManiPadmeOmelet <Omelet@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Scaly leg mites in chickens can cause lameness. Scaly leg mites bore
> > under the scales on the legs of the chicken. The scales enlarge, get
> > rough and become infected. If not treated early the bird may go lame. To
> > treat, soak the bird's legs in an oil or cream to suffocate the mites.
> > Treat every 3 to 4 days for 2 weeks. The old scales will then fall off
> > over time and be replaced with new scales.
> Works a treat.
> I've treated my neighbour's five chickens that way (I used vaseline, but
> I suppose with feathered feet something like sunflower oil would be
> easier to use).
> Two of them had it so badly that parts of their toes had already fallen
> off, it was the worst infection I've ever seen. The cockerel's spurs
> were invisible, so thickly were his legs covered in scales. Horrible.
> However, one little bantie didn't seem to be affected at all! Of course
> I treated all of them.
> Repeating every 4 days did the trick. I had used vaseline on mine
> before, but only once or twice, and it always came back until I was told
> the schedule you mentioned, and followed it strictly. In fact, I
> repeated it five times every four or five days, which means my treatment
> lasted about three weeks.
> One tale that is often told is that hens get it as they get older, but
> in my flock only some of the pullets had the scales, and the old hens
> didn't. They may have carried the mites, though. No new bird enters (or
> re-enters, e.g. after a show) my coop without a quarantine and repeated
> checks for lice, and a routine vaseline treatment. (learned that the
> hard way)
> what makes you think the sparrows give it to the hens?
I use frontline flea spray. One application kills the mites. No need to
catch the birds several times and much about rubbing and dipping their legs.