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keith kent wrote:
I am adding to my little flock of four :-), someone i know can get me
(POL) Lohman Browns ,can anyone give me any info on the breed.

if you want the seriously definitive guide

From what i can gather is this a good layer used for mass
egglaying.So a mungral of the chicken world !

Its a champion commercial intensive bird.

Would these be a good move & mix with 2 x leghorns / 2 x light sussex

Individual chicken politics is another matter altogether and totally
unpredictable. But the new ones are likely to be low in the order so
easily dominated by the existing crew. Probably a lot less in your face
than the ones you have now but should learn new tricks !
They will need plenty of good shelter and fed well, which means
predominantly layers ration not scraps, definately NOT wheat or any other
grain as this causes fatty liver syndorme and kills them.
In comparison to most pure breeds and birds like Black Rocks they are
poorly feathered so do not want to be getting wet all the time. They also
will have a less robust immune system as theirs is not designed to be
challenged like the backyard birds. But they will lay like stink for 2
years before their shell quality declines and in the following years
growths or eggs cracking inside them are most common causes of death.


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Thanks Jill for that, as egg laying over looks ;-) is crucial this time
round it sounds like they will suit me well ,sounds like they have a good
nature too.

Thanks Keith