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I've got some purchased eggs in my incubator which don't look good
at all when candled. Several of them have blotchy and wrinkly
shells. Here is a pic:

Are those markings of any significance??
That looks like a weak spot in the egg, which ahs probably let all
sorts of contamination in. I wouldn't expect this egg to hatch, and
would never have selected it for incubation myself.

Yup -- That looks like it might be concussion damage on an egg that does not have as thick a shell as it might have.
Buying eggs that are then sent by the post are always fraught with potential problems, however genuine the seller. The post office can do so much damage to eggs even if they are not actually broken - they can get rattled, shaken, bounced, and twirled -- none of which does eggs for hatching any good at all.
Shell quality is one of the reasons why early eggs are not considered to be good to hatch from.

Nevertheless, four other batches of Ebay eggs in with these ones averaged over 60% hatch rate whereas I now know of three batches of his eggs giving zero and one resulting in a single chick.

Its still winter. That and the natural vits and mins that birds get from the sunlight and the ranging that give so much better quality of eggs and chicks in the spring.

Oh I didn't know that. That might explain why the home produced eggs I put in with the Ebay ones only gave a 50% hatch rate - I've had 100% from them before (under a hen). Seems I've been stupid to buy in February. The price has dropped now as well. I see another buyer has left him a neutral for shell quality (and received a neg in response)

Candling eggs before incubating with a proper strong egg candler can help to prevent starting eggs like this.

I didn't know that either - I suppose you mean to detect shell faults. Fine and good for home produced eggs but a bit too late when they've made it through the post.

Are shell problems more common in older hens?? I ask as the eggs were huge (one weighed 87gms) so I presume they must be from older hens.