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From: Mario Petrinovich (
Date: 10/31/04

Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 11:59:27 +0100

Marc Verhaegen:
> Mario Petrinovich:
>>>>> You don't need a straight body to run on 2 legs. Our linear body (head
> & body & legs in 1 line - not necessary for bipedalism, see kangaroos &
> hopping indris) is an argument for a (partly) swimming lifestyle once. It
> can't be explained by wading alone.
>>>> Or a plunge diving lifestyle, : )? -- Mario
>>> No, Mario: there are no indications for such lifestyle. --Marc
>> (Only) plunge diving birds meet your description. Upright linear body.
> Nose first into the water? :-) Well, we're much too slow & heavy for
> that. Our well-developed tool use, thick-boned relatives etc. suggest our
> ancestors were (parttime) slow divers (predom. for shellfish) rather than
> plunge divers (predom. for fish - IMO our ancestors only rel.recently
> (<200
> ka) learned to fish regularly: when they used nets & fished together,
> wading, not swimming). --Marc

        Not for fish. For shellfish. Standing in a shallow water, you are
easy target for cats (Jim Moore is right here, IMHO). You must enter water,
where water is deep enough so that you can swim (Proboscis monkey). Only
when you start to swim, you are safe from cats. To gain distance, or go
deeper in a search for shellfish, it is better to plunge dive into water.
See today's swimming competitions. How they are entering water? By plunge
diving. The best way. -- Mario