Re: Clam bake: another disproof for AAT

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"Marean figured the early people, probably women, had to trudge two to
three miles to where the mussels, clams and snails were harvested and
to bring them back to the cave."

Yes, to be expected in an ex-littoral creature.

Think again, fat man.
The researchers report in Nature that they uncovered two dozen shells
of edible creatures from a layer of cave sediment that dated to
164,000 years ago, give or take 12,000 years.
"[The layer of material] is about half-a-metre deep. It's cemented up
against the side of the cave. That would be tens of thousands of years
of garbage," she told the BBC.
The team excavated from the cave the cooked remains of some 15 types
of marine invertebrate, mainly brown mussels, as well as other animal

ROFL. Two dozen shells in tens of thousands of years? What makes them
think they were eaten? Most likely used (along with the symbolic red
ochre) to pluck their eyebrows.

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