Jean Faucounau sueing me fro 5,000 Swiss Francs

From: Franz Gnaedinger (
Date: 11/10/04

Date: 10 Nov 2004 04:18:38 -0800

I just had my meeting with Dr.iur. Marcel Rochaix of Eberle Kämpfen
Bösiger Theiler He offered me a coffee, but I said
No, thank you, I just want to know whether he prosecutes me or not.
He said Have a seat, and do you wish a coffee? I said No, thank you,
I just want to know whether you prosecute me or not. For the second
time, that is. He said Yes, that letter awaiting me is from the
judge of peace (Friedensrichter, have to look up the English word).
I told Dr. Rochaix that Jean Faucounau's alter ego is molesting
and defaming me since years, and I wish to know two things: first,
who is Jean Faucounau? and second: why does he allow grapheus to
speak in his name, and do him so much harm by propagating him
and defending his case? Dr. Rochaix told me Jean Faucounau is
78 years old, a born French but living in Luxembourg, and as for
the second question, he, Dr. Rochaix, knows who grapheus is but
he can't tell me. I told him that Jean Faucounau alias grapheus
is molesting me since years, and calling me all sorts of names.
He told me that I called him a kook on February 5, 2001, and this
will cost me 5,000 Swiss Francs (or about 4,000 American Dollars).
He didn't tell me so straight forward, instead he tried to play
a mediator; he had a high esteem of me as a scientist, and we,
I and Jean Faucounau, are grown up men, and we should find a
good solution to go along. I told him that he is not a mediator
but Jean Faucounau's lawyer, and he wishes to make money. Whereupon
he said he can't deny his financial interest. I said that I told
Jean Faucounau alias grapheus time and again he should do his own
work and leave me in peace. And I am pleased to hear that Faucounau
is French, for France, la Grande Nation, is the cradle of Enlightment.
Or is France on the decline? He confirmed the latter: it's over with
the enlightment, what with Giscard d'Estaing and Chirac ruling. And
it will cost me 5'000 Swiss Francs to have allegedly called Jean
Faucounau a kook on February 5, 2001. I said "Thank you very much"
and left without a further word. I save my words for going online.

Heading for my financial ruin

   Franz Gnaedinger