Re: Marie Jean Faucounau sues me for at least 8,487 Swiss Francs

From: Franz Gnaedinger (
Date: 11/14/04

Date: 14 Nov 2004 07:49:27 -0800 (Franz Gnaedinger) wrote in message news:<>...

Jacques Guy: thank you for your advice, but know that the case is
for real, I have to appear before the judge of the peace on November
24 at 15:45, together with Dr.iur. Marcel Rochaix.

Advice for people who are getting prosecuted by a Marie Jean
Faucounau grapheus Marcel Rochaix / second part

If you have established your main argument, relax, and ponder
the implications of your point.

My main point is that the person who exchanged e-mails with me
as "Jean Faucounau" and the person who hides behind grapheus
are one and the same person. Moreover, the Jean Faucounau who
exchanged e-mails for a year with the former engineering student
of Paris; who published in the Yahoo archaeology group; and who
was excluded from a scientific forum, is again the same person;
while Richard Budelberger's acribic comparison of the language,
grammar, typography and even of the dialect involved in the
books by Jean Faucounau and the posts by grapheus suggests to
me that grapheus may also have edited Jean Faucounau's books.

grapheus claims to be considerably younger than Jean Faucounau.
Might he be Jean Faucounau's son, secretary, partner, hopeful
future heir? As such he could have compiled Faucounau's material
into three books, which he then could have published. Hereupon
he would have assumed Jean Faucounau's identity for propagating
the books; for writing e-mails to several people, including me
and the student from Paris; and for posting to several fora.

Getting little resonance, and being banned from a scientific
forum, he would have chosen the pseudonym grapheus, furthermore
he would have anonymized one of the Faucounau addresses (which
have still been working when I tested them a couple of weeks ago)
into - an address one can't reply to, and which
appears on a Google list for spamming and harassing.

Using his pseudonym and his anonymized e-mail address he can
shamelessly propagate those books, and molest me, and distort
my opinions, and the ones by Derk Ohlenroth, and provoke me,
and call me names, over and over again, for years now.

When I read Dr.iur. Marcel Rochaix's vitriolic indictment paper
against me, sent to me via the court, I recognized several of
grapheus's sterotypic replies to me. So it would actually be
grapheus the false Jean Faucounau accusing and suing me.

In past summer, grapheus called me a fou notoire, TOTALEMENT
ZINZIN, échappé d'un asyle, and so on, in fr.soc.histoire.antique,
believing I won't see it, but when I saw it and replied he boiled
of anger and absolutely wanted to know my true name (as if I were
hiding behind a pseudonym) and my postal address, and he told
Inger Johansson - who is almost moved to tears by the sad fate
of Jean Faucounau and the grandezza of grapheus who spends his
life in order to support Jean Faucounau - if only such a wonder
would happen to her! - well, grapheus told Inger that someone
will get a surprise ...

Now I got my surprise: I should pay at least 5,000 Swiss Francs
for satisfaction, plus 3,487 Swiss Francs for having caused
a decline in the number of sold copies of JF's books, and if
I won't pay I will get me a process that shall cost me at least
20,000 Swiss Francs or some 13,000 Euros or 16,000 US Dollars.

Of course _I_ am the reason taht JF sold less books, and not
the sad spectacle grapheus gave in sci.lang this year, senselessly
SCREAMING around in as much as five parallel threads on the
Phaistos Disk, to which threads, notabene, I did not contribute.

>From all this I infer that the person hiding behind grapheus
and "Jean Faucounau" might be craving for money while conceiling
his true motivation behind a noble gesture of helping a honorable
but sadly ignored old scholar to his long overdue appreciation.
The correct way of honoring him would be to proceed sincerely,
telling the truth, which would raise sympathy but probably cost
money instead of hauling some in, and so the person hiding behind
"Jean Faucounau" and grapheus would have chosen a seemingly
more promising way in terms of money: abusing several scientific
fora for shamelessly making propaganda for the books by Jean
Faucounau, the new Michael Ventris, while ridiculing other
opinions, especially mine.

Next time: pondering the other possibility, namely that the
person hiding behind grapheus actually is Marie Jean Faucounau,
born in 1926, a native French living in Luxembourg.

   Franz Gnaedinger

> How to proceed in a legal case: advice for people who get into
> a similar situation --- En anglais, une fois de plus (en sachant
> que plusieurs membres du group fr.soc.histoire.antique comprend
> bien la langue franche du notre temps)
> If you are accused and sued in a way that threatens to ruin
> your existence, many things go through your mind, and it may
> happen that you wake up, say, at 3:35 in the morning, even if
> you are blessed with a good and sound sleep as I am. Be grateful
> for one or two sleepless hours on such an occasion. Your organism
> or "system" is doing you a favour. At that early time of day one
> is reduced to one's very existence and can more easily discern
> between the more and less important points in a given situation.
> On the next morning you may wake up and know exactly what to do,
> namely concentrate yourself on the crucial point. When you have
> reached that stage, you will gain back your peace of mind. Now
> you can develop your plead, concentrating on that single point,
> and, having established the crucial part of your plead, you can
> go on and consider further points, quietly and relaxed, and thus
> more efficiently.
> Don't read legal books, don't ride paragraphs, don't appear in
> court with 1,000 pages of documents and photocopies. Just rely on
> your main argument, if you like in a Zen way: like a bamboo cane
> swaying in the wind while firmly holding ground.
> My crucial argument is the obvious identity of the person who
> exchanged a series of e-mails with me in October/November 1999,
> calling himself "Jean Faucounau" (the quotation marks are mine),
> using the e-mail address, and the
> grapheus person who joined the Usenet in 2000. "Jean Faucounau"
> and grapheus wrote and write exactly the same phrases and made
> and make the same EXCESSIVE USE OF CAPITALS. Back in 1999 I
> explained to "Jean Faucounau" how to join the Usenet, and when
> grapheus showed up in sci.archaeology, SHOUTING the very same
> phrases at me "Jean Faucounau" had shouted at me in his series
> of e-mails, I naturally assumed grapheus being "Jean Faucounau,"
> and "Jean Faucounau" of course being Jean Faucounau.
> In the summer of 2002, a then engineering student from Paris
> contacted me via e-mail and told me that Jean Faucounau, with
> whom he had corresponded for a long time, is beyond any doubt
> the person hiding behind the Usenet pseudonym grapheus.
> Meanwhile I know that Jean Faucounau published also in the Yahoo
> archaeology group, using the same e-mail address he had used
> when exchanging e-mails with me in October and November of 1999,
> namely His messages and the ones
> by grapheus ABOUND IN CAPITALS, contain the same mistakes,
> and display the same idiosyncratic typography (as did his mails
> to me, by the way).
> Furthermore, Jean Faucounau published in an edu-forum, using
> the second address, however, he
> was excluded from that forum. How come? Why could a honorable
> scholar, by then a some-seventy-four-year-old, member of the
> Linguistic Society of Paris, former officer in the French
> army and member of the Résistance, have been expelled from
> a scientific forum?
> I also learned that grapheus's e-mail address
> appears on a Google list for spamming and harassing.
> Furthermore I came to learn that Jean Faucounau's reply to Yves
> Duhoux's article in Antiquitées Classiques - as far as I know
> a French version of Yves Duhoux's critic "How Not to Decipher
> the Phaistos Disk" in the American Journal of Archaeology 2000
> - was "pure grapheus" (a poster to fr.soc.histoire.antique).
> Now there are only two possibilites: the person hiding behind
> grapheus is either identical with Jean Faucounau, or then he was
> writing in Jean Faucounau's name, and for him, without declaring
> so, thus deceiving me, the young student from Paris, the readers
> of the Yahoo group, and the readers of the scientific forum that
> banned Jean Faucounau's second e-mail address. It would even be
> a deceit if "Jean Faucounau" should happen to be a son of Jean
> Faucounau bearing the same name, for in that case he should
> have called himself Jean Faucounau junior.
> Wishing luck and courage to everybody who is getting prosecuted
> by a Jean Faucounau grapheus Marcel Rochaix