Re: Marie Jean Faucounau sues me for at least 8,487 Swiss Francs

From: Franz Gnaedinger (
Date: 11/17/04

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Calculating with Dr. Marcel Rochaix

Please fasten your seat belts and don't you dare laugh

Summary of a passage on page 6 of Marcel Rochaix's indictment
paper against me: Many people are busy with the Phaistos Disk.
A website on the Phaistos Disk got 58,960 visitors on a single
day (really? not a Pamela Anderson site FG), and there are
about 18,700 publications on the same topic (the Phaistos Disk,
not Pamela, FG) in the web. One can justly assume that a majority
of the authors of those 18,700 articles would have bought Jean
Faucounau's book on the Phaistos Disk. Now one may assume that
about ten percent of those authors did not buy Jean Faucounau's
book because of me, FG, and this means 1,870 people less have
bought Jean Faucounau's book. The price of a copy is 17.39 euro.
Jean Faucounau earns 7 percent for each copy. So the damage
amounts to 2,276 euro (7 percent of 17,39 euro x 1,870 authors),
or, based on the 5 November exchange rate, 3,487 Swiss francs.

18,700 articles on the Phaistos Disk? Dr. Marcel Rochaix probably
means 18,700 entries, and those who publish on the Phaistos Disk
usually have more than just one page mentioning the Phaistos Disk
on their website. Moreover, Google counts also the quotes on link
pages, and so I guess those 18,700 entries represent a couple of
thousand authors only. Lets be genereous and say: 3,000 authors.
These authors favorize their own interpretations of the Phaistos
Disk, or school of archaeology, and seek information on the work
of their rivals or their opponents online, or then perhaps in
a library, but they usually do not buy their rivals' books.

If I'd publish a somesuch calculation in the Usenet, how would
I be called? a word that costs me at least 8,487 Swiss francs,
namely the above 3,487 francs plus a satisfaction of at least
5,000 francs, and if I am not willing to pay I shall have me
a lawsuit that will cost me at least 20,000 Swiss francs.

Jean Faucounau can publish his books and articles, and he uses
the scientific fora in the web for shamelessly propagating his
books, which is why his address was
banned from an edu-forum, and his anonymized e-mail address made it on a Google list for spamming and
harassing. He is selling books by shamelessly abusing several
scientific fora. Now, Dr.iur. Marcel Rochaix, would you please
calculate how much money Jean Faucounau grapheus made abusing
the Usenet for propaganda purposes?

I told Jean Faucounau how to join the Usenet, where he might
find other people to discuss with. I'd say he owes me a part
of the money he made via his propaganda in the Usenet. 10 %
of the alleged 18,700 authors on the Phaistos Disk did not buy
Jean Faucounau's book because of me. This means the remaining
90 % bought his book, again because of me, since I explained to
him five years ago how to join the Usenet. The 10 percent are
1,870 non-buyers, and the 90 percent are 16,830 buyers. Asking
a modest euro per copy, I expect a sum of 16,830 euro or 25,785
Swiss francs to be paid into the fund of Ruediger Nehberg's
campaign against excision in Islamic countries, based on the
Quran and supported by ever more Islamic authorities.

I published on the Phaistos Disk myself, in the Usenet, before
Jean Faucounau contacted me, and before he showed up as grapheus.
The Phaistos Disk belongs to everybody, not to Jean Faucounau
grapheus alone. I have the same right to be respected. I prefer
Derk Ohlenroth's decipherment of the Phaistos Disk, and I use
it as a window on the past - I open that window, so to speak,
and stroll around in a far away landscape and long bygone period
of time. That is my approach, for which I have good reasons. Derk
Ohlenroth of Tuebingen university wrote me several long letters,
attesting me a good eye, and an eros of understanding he wished
his pupils were endowed with. grapheus, Marie Jean Faucounau's
alter ego or speaking trumpet, is not respecting my approach,
instead he is making fun of me, ridiculing my views, molesting
me, stalking me, eclipsing my messages, and defaming me in every
which way since he showed up in the Usenet. I demand satisfaction.
At least 5,000 Swiss francs, to be paid into the same fund
(Ruediger Nehberg's campaign), or double as much, since I am
working outside of academe, without Jean Faucounau's possibilites
of publishing elsewhere, hence 10,000 Swiss francs for Ruediger
Nehberg's campaign; plus my expenses, until now 300 Swiss francs,
and four days of work, 200 francs each (a lawyer at Zurich charges
up to 450 Swiss francs and more for a single h o u r ), yielding
1,100 Swiss francs, to be paid into my personal banking account.

   Franz Gnaedinger

> Advice for people who are getting trapped by a Marie Jean Faucounau
> grapheus Marcel Rochaix / part four
> I helped some people with the law and in court, in nasty cases,
> and successfully. So consider well what I am telling you:
> concentrate yourself on the main point.
> Mine is the overwhelming linguistic, semantic, behavioral
> and psychological evidence for the identity of Jean Faucounau
> as we know him and grapheus. Dr.iur. Marcel Rochaix knows
> who hides behind grapheus but can't reveal him, he says.
> Now there are two possibilities:
> A) grapheus claims to to be younger than Jean Faucounau. If so,
> he compiled Jean Faucounau's material into books and articles
> and wrote and perhaps still writes in Jean Faucounau's name,
> or rather made and makes people believe he IS Jean Faucounau.
> In that case he was deceiving me and others. I don't accept
> such a deceit, and I feel entitled to call the person who
> exchanged a series of e-mails with me five years ago a kook:
> first I took him seriously, then he made me wonder, and then
> he shwoed his incompetence: a member of the Linguistic Society
> of Paris who can't help shouting; a professional mathematician
> who is allowed to publish an article on Babylonian mathematics
> or a related topic and asked me whether I had discovered the
> famous Babylonian clay tablet YBC 7289 ... For members of
> sci.archaeology who are not at home in math history: asking me
> that question is much the same as if someone called himself
> an expert on Vikings and asked Inger E. Johansson whether
> she had discovered l'Anse-aux-Meadows. And as what would Dr.iur.
> Marcel Rochaix hold me if I called myself a lawyer and asked
> him whether he wrote the Lex Romana ?...
> B) Marie Jean Faucounau and grapheus are the same person.
> In that case we can rely on Aristotle: grapheus is a kook;
> grapheus = Jean Faucounau; ergo Jean Faucounau is a kook.
> Next time: a first lesson on the Usenet for Dr. Marcel Rochaix
> Franz Gnaedinger
> > Considering the imminent ruin of my bare existence not quite
> > a non-event, and my case an exemplary one for the evolution
> > of the Usenet as a facility for interdisciplinary research,
> > open to everyone, I go on giving my advice to people who
> > are sued by a Marie Jean Marcel grapheus Rochaix Faucounau
> > / third part
> >
> > Just rely on your main argument.
> >
> > Mine is the obvious identity of the person who exchanged
> > a series of e-mails with me in October and November of 1999,
> > calling himself Jean Faucounau, using the e-mail address
> >, and the grapheus person who is
> > molesting and defaming me and distorting all I say since he
> > showed up in the Usenet.
> >
> > Meanwhile we know more. Philip Plagnol exchanged e-mails with
> > Jean Faucounau for a year. He contacted me in the summer of
> > 2002 via e-mail, telling me that Jean Faucounau and grapheus
> > are beyond any doubt the same person - a statement he repeated
> > several times online, this year -, and, in his e-mail from 2002,
> > he called him a ... person (a terminus I won't cite online).
> > Rolleston showed that the messages
> > posted to the Yahoo archaeology group and the messages grapheus
> > posted and still posts to the Usenet are beyond any reasonable
> > doubt written by the same person. Noepolis told the members of
> > the French forum fr.soc.histoire.antique that Jean Faucounau's
> > reply to Yves Duhoux's recension of Jean Faucounau's book
> > in Antiquitées Classiques are "pure grapheus." And Richard
> > Budelberger found the same wording, mistakes of various sorts,
> > and typographical idiosyncrasies both in the books by Jean
> > Faucounau and the messages by grapheus, and published his
> > most acribic list of correspondences online.
> >
> > In my last message I pondered the possibility that grapheus
> > may NOT be Jean Faucouna. In that case he would have written
> > AS Jean Faucounau: e-mails to me and Philip Plagnol, posts to
> > the Yahoo archaeology group, always using the JFaucounau...
> > address, and to an edu-forum, using his second e-mail address
> >, which was banned from that forum.
> > grapheus, not being Faucounau, would have compiled Faucounau's
> > material into books and articles, he would have published them,
> > and he made propaganda for them via e-mail and in various fora,
> > falsely calling himself Jean Faucounau; hereupon he would have
> > anonymized one of his addresses to, which, not
> > surprisingly, made it on a Google list for spamming and harassing.
> >
> > The simpler explanation, however, would be the plain identity
> > of Jean Faucounau and grapheus.
> >
> > If so, Jean Faucounau grapheus would be a sad old man. Born
> > 1926, he would now be 77 or 78 years old. He loves to document
> > everything, and he complained in past summer: "Ma solitude
> > m'effraye" - my loneliness freightens me. Five years ago I told
> > him how to join the Usenet, where he might find other people
> > to discuss with. Using his grapheus pseudonym, he found Inger,
> > and this summer, grapheus and Inger and someone else went on
> > a veritable mobbing tour in a nordic group, or in a couple of
> > nordic groups. It was a bad piece of mobbing, real ugly, and
> > the end of my pity for Inger Johansson. The hallmark of a true
> > scholar is a will and an ability to give an accurate summary
> > of someone else's opinion. By that criterium, grapheus ain't
> > a scholar: he always and ever distorts my opinion, he must even
> > change direct quotes given in quotation marks. If someone can
> > only make a point by distorting the opinion of others, her or
> > she can justly be called a kook, and if someone allows a kook
> > to speak for him and propagate his work in some 3,000 Usenet
> > messages, he is a kook himself. From a linguist, and especially
> > from a member of the Linguistic Society of Paris, one can justly
> > expect an ability to formulate a thought using arguments and
> > not just by SHOUTING - once again: Jean Faucounau, in his mails
> > to me, shouted word for word the same phrases grapheus was later
> > on to shout at me online - and so ...
> >
> > Next time: consequences of the two possibilities I pondered in
> > my previous message and above.
> >
> > Franz Gnaedinger
> >
> >
> > > Advice for people who are getting prosecuted by a Marie Jean
> > > Faucounau grapheus Marcel Rochaix / second part
> > >
> > > If you have established your main argument, relax, and ponder
> > > the implications of your point.
> > >
> > > My main point is that the person who exchanged e-mails with me
> > > as "Jean Faucounau" and the person who hides behind grapheus
> > > are one and the same person. Moreover, the Jean Faucounau who
> > > exchanged e-mails for a year with the former engineering student
> > > of Paris; who published in the Yahoo archaeology group; and who
> > > was excluded from a scientific forum, is again the same person;
> > > while Richard Budelberger's acribic comparison of the language,
> > > grammar, typography and even of the dialect involved in the
> > > books by Jean Faucounau and the posts by grapheus suggests to
> > > me that grapheus may also have edited Jean Faucounau's books.
> > >
> > > grapheus claims to be considerably younger than Jean Faucounau.
> > > Might he be Jean Faucounau's son, secretary, partner, hopeful
> > > future heir? As such he could have compiled Faucounau's material
> > > into three books, which he then could have published. Hereupon
> > > he would have assumed Jean Faucounau's identity for propagating
> > > the books; for writing e-mails to several people, including me
> > > and the student from Paris; and for posting to several fora.
> > >
> > > Getting little resonance, and being banned from a scientific
> > > forum, he would have chosen the pseudonym grapheus, furthermore
> > > he would have anonymized one of the Faucounau addresses (which
> > > have still been working when I tested them a couple of weeks ago)
> > > into - an address one can't reply to, and which
> > > appears on a Google list for spamming and harassing.
> > >
> > > Using his pseudonym and his anonymized e-mail address he can
> > > shamelessly propagate those books, and molest me, and distort
> > > my opinions, and the ones by Derk Ohlenroth, and provoke me,
> > > and call me names, over and over again, for years now.
> > >
> > > When I read Dr.iur. Marcel Rochaix's vitriolic indictment paper
> > > against me, sent to me via the court, I recognized several of
> > > grapheus's sterotypic replies to me. So it would actually be
> > > grapheus the false Jean Faucounau accusing and suing me.
> > >
> > > In past summer, grapheus called me a fou notoire, TOTALEMENT
> > > ZINZIN, échappé d'un asyle, and so on, in fr.soc.histoire.antique,
> > > believing I won't see it, but when I saw it and replied he boiled
> > > of anger and absolutely wanted to know my true name (as if I were
> > > hiding behind a pseudonym) and my postal address, and he told
> > > Inger Johansson - who is almost moved to tears by the sad fate
> > > of Jean Faucounau and the grandezza of grapheus who spends his
> > > life in order to support Jean Faucounau - if only such a wonder
> > > would happen to her! - well, grapheus told Inger that someone
> > > will get a surprise ...
> > >
> > > Now I got my surprise: I should pay at least 5,000 Swiss Francs
> > > for satisfaction, plus 3,487 Swiss Francs for having caused
> > > a decline in the number of sold copies of JF's books, and if
> > > I won't pay I will get me a process that shall cost me at least
> > > 20,000 Swiss Francs or some 13,000 Euros or 16,000 US Dollars.
> > >
> > > Of course _I_ am the reason taht JF sold less books, and not
> > > the sad spectacle grapheus gave in sci.lang this year, senselessly
> > > SCREAMING around in as much as five parallel threads on the
> > > Phaistos Disk, to which threads, notabene, I did not contribute.
> > >
> > > From all this I infer that the person hiding behind grapheus
> > > and "Jean Faucounau" might be craving for money while conceiling
> > > his true motivation behind a noble gesture of helping a honorable
> > > but sadly ignored old scholar to his long overdue appreciation.
> > > The correct way of honoring him would be to proceed sincerely,
> > > telling the truth, which would raise sympathy but probably cost
> > > money instead of hauling some in, and so the person hiding behind
> > > "Jean Faucounau" and grapheus would have chosen a seemingly
> > > more promising way in terms of money: abusing several scientific
> > > fora for shamelessly making propaganda for the books by Jean
> > > Faucounau, the new Michael Ventris, while ridiculing other
> > > opinions, especially mine.
> > >
> > >
> > > Next time: pondering the other possibility, namely that the
> > > person hiding behind grapheus actually is Marie Jean Faucounau,
> > > born in 1926, a native French living in Luxembourg.