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>> >>Doug And you have been asked for your source for 20000 dolmen in Palestine and details about how many Palestinian dolmen fit into your argument. They vary, some are clearly related with certain settlements, and as I have told you before: "my copy of Dolmens for the Dead, Megalith Building through the World, by Roger Joussaume, has pictures of Dolmen from 'Palestine' in it that are distinctively different from those in NW Europe, it is clearly not well established that they are 'identical'
>Can you provide a summary of your percieved differences?
> ... looks fairly

Obviously if we are speaking only of dolmen, the term defines a certain
type of megalithic monument. But there can be huge differences -- the
number of stones, the number of sides, perforations in the stones, shape
of the stones, associated artefacts, the presence or absence of grooves
and projections, roofs made with a single slab or double-pitched roofs,
the landscape context, etc.

Thus you can find some chambered tombs in Palestine with circular or
four-sided perforations, and some without. Which ones, I wonder, are
being referred to by Dieter? And you can find similarities between some
Palestinian chambered tombs and some in Pakistan -- but Dieter doesn't
mention those.

There must be thousands of different kinds. I can't summarise the
differences, there are too many varieties. And is Dieter including, for
instance, the Naoumi of Sinai? Not quite dolmens they are round, oval,
rectangular or square monuments with a false-corbelled roof and a square
door and up to 3 meters in height. No established dating (although
relatively young), there seems to be nothing like them in Europe.

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