Noah's death is origin of Mayan calendar correlation in 2020 BC

Noah's Death
Was He Resurrected?

The following article explains how societies of all nations
memorialized the same father we all have when he died. The date he
died is Christmas eve Dec 24 of 2021 BC in the Julian calendar. Noah
was regarded as that Christ. And as with Israel expecting a greater
Christ after Moses, so too they expected yet another greater Christ
than Noah because Noah in 2030 BC told king Gilgamesh that he did not
know why we die. In the Gregorian calendar his death is Dec 7. In
Egyptian it was Mesore 14, (in the 6th month) but after 1513 BC they
knew this Mesor to be the 12th month. But confused, they were
incapable of calculating how the short Jewish perspective of
chronology could fit astronomy. And so the Mesor 14 (Dec 24) in that
year became recalculated as Mesor 19. In Mayan recognition it remained
17 days before (Thoth) Phoph 1 of which they now called Pop 1 moving
the whole 365-day calendar 16 days earlier and preceding it with Pop
In Chinese the memorial of his resurrection in 40 days became
fixed to Feb 2 of 2020 BC falling on the day KiahTse (JiaZi the rat)
which is Noah's date 5-27. We do not know if they spent these 40 days
embalming Noah as they later did to Jacob Israel in 1711 BC. But a
parallel was drawn up in which his first 40 days of death were used to
honor him for the 40 days he was enclosed in the ark (cedar chest)
thru the Flood as if to be trapped in a coffin. This day KiahTse
(5-27-954) ending 40 days was 354 calendar years and 60 days after
those 40 days of the Flood which ended on 3-27-600. This divided the
span equally with the 60-day calendar, which already was marked 9
years earlier in 2029 BC on July 19 (5-27-945) with the rise of Venus
on Pamenot 4. But every 360-day year is six 60-day cycles to help
calculated the moon being one day short. And so the extra 60 days past
3-27 to 5-27 in this year 954 marked the séance of Noah 40 days after
his death as the inauguration of that 60-day calendar. This séance at
Babel spoke to his spirit Xisuthros. These 40 days after his death is
thus also spanned evenly by the two Mayan dates from new year Pop 0 to
Zip 0. The date 3-27 falls 20 days before his death; his death is on
4-17-954, and the séance on 5-27.
Noel (noël) comes from the French word Noël meaning "Christmas",
from the Latin word natalis ("birth"). It may also be from the Gaulish
words "noio" or "neu" meaning "new" and "helle" meaning "light"
referring to the winter solstice when sunlight begins overtaking
darkness. Interesting correlatrions in thought are the fact that God
is described by being compared to day and light and the sun. And yet
the this day begins with the evening first in which we rest all night
long in darkness. In this way when starting the world new, it was as
if startng over with Noah as the sole father of the world was taking a
break or a rest. In this way the words new and Noah are allike. But so
is the word helle (light) from the sun (helio) which is likened to God
(el). Would it be a surprise then for Noel to exist before Jesus in
the form of Noah is now god, or Noah is with God.
This explains why the false god VishNu cannot be created as the
resurrected MaNu (Noah) until 2020 BC, and yet with both stories of
Flood and death having the 40 days of ressurrected or raptured christ,
the spirit of Noah or proper spirit that we look for in our future
savior was a spirit he displayed thru the Flood. And so Noah displayed
the spirit of Vishnu in surviving the Flood. It is redundent stating
he displayed his own proper spirit. And yet it causes (did cause)
Vishnu to be equated as the spirit savior before Noah was born, while
Noah lived, embedding himself into Noah as VishNu incarnate, and
ascending to heaven when his job after 40 days was done. In this way
the Hindu have spearated the spirit of Noah from himself as if to be a
totally different person. And so not just separated at death, but as
if Vishnu is the spirit mediator christ between Brahma (God Light Yin)
and Siva (Darkeness the destroyer Yang) and came down only 40 days
within Noah to for him to survive the Flood.
But this is how in 701 BC the god Vishnu became the creator of
the world for 3102 BC. In 701 BC, Hindu knew it was 1200 years after
the fall of 3rd dynasty Ur in 1901 BC. They concluded that the 600-
year Venus (half) cycle (2370-1770 BC) discovered in Noah's year 1200
(from birth) was actually formulated in 1901 BC as Noah's year 1200
after the Flood year 3102 BC. Their Hindu fathers who left Ur in 1900
BC were later joined by more relatives and others who left Babylon in
1625 BC bringing Venus tablets with them. Amizaduga's Venus tablets of
1626 BC can be miscalculated as 1901 BC. The year 1626 BC was twice
1200 from Adam. The Maya do this too when they calculated 3114 BC as
Adam's year 2256 plus Noah's year 1344. (The true 2256 is 1770 BC, and
the true 1344 is 1626 BC.) The Maya conclude the 1200 years of 1770
BC is three times from Adam. So two chronologies are created, Hindu
and Maya, by the debating dispute over Venus dates for 1900 BC and
1770 BC and 1625 BC. That is why Vishnu's birthday for creating the
world is that year 3102 BC. They expect this world created by Flood in
3102 BC to last 432,000 years (misapplication of 1200 x 360 days =
432,000 days) because their year 6000 in 500 AD brought no Armageddon.

Noah being the christ's death 13 days before (Jan 6) Mesore 27
solstice and
2021 BC Dec 24 = Pop 0 40 days before his rapture which raised him up
as the spirit Xisuthros (Vishnu) on Feb 2 Zip 0 = Feb 2 = Thoth 24
appearing as Venus the Morningstar in Aquarius on 5-27 day KiahTse.
1901 BC Nov 24 = Pop 0 1901 BC is the fall of 108-year 3rd dynasty Ur
followed by Shelah's death in 1900 BC 1901 BC Dec 11 = Thoth 1
1781 BC Oct 25 = Pop 0 1781 BC Nov 11 = Thoth 1
1661 BC Sep 25 = Pop 0 The date Pop 0 is created after Exodus, before
Exodus it = Mesor 14 1661 BC Oct 12 = Thoth 1
1541 BC Aug 26 = Pop 0 after 1513 BC Exodus Pop 0 = Mesor 19 1541 BC
Sep 12 = Thoth 1
1421 BC July 27 = Pop 0 The Mayan new year for Pop 1 (Egyptian Tot 1)
was calculated after 1514 BC disaster 1421 BC Aug 13 = Thoth 1
1314 BC July 1 = Pop 0 - - Mayan New Year confirmed by regarding
July 18 as a Sothic Pop 17 at 30° latitude - - 1314 BC July 18 =
Thoth 1
1310 BC July 1 = Pop 1 - - Mayan New Year confirmed by regarding
July 17 as a Sothic Pop 17 calculation - - - 1310 BC July 17 =
Thoth 1
1301 BC Jun 27 = Pop 0 1301 BC is Hindu correlation of 1800 years from
Flood (as 600 +1200 and 340 +1460) 1301 BC July 14 = Thoth 1
1181 BC May 28 = Pop 0 1181 BC Jun 14 = Thoth 1
1061 BC Apr 28 = Pop 0 1061 BC May 15 = Thoth 1
941 BC Mar 29 = Pop 0 941 BC Apr 15 = Thoth 1
821 BC Feb 28 = Pop 0 821 BC Mar 16 = Thoth 1
701 BC Jan 29 = Pop 0 Hindu correlation of 1200 years after 1901 BC
fall of 3rd dynasty Ur (2400 after Flood) 701 BC Feb 15 = Thoth 1
582 BC Dec 30 = Pop 0 581 BC Jan 16 = Thoth 1
561 BC Dec 24 = Pop 0 CYrus 560 BC Jan 10 = Thoth 1
461 BC Nov 30 = Pop 0 461 BC Dec 16 = Thoth 1
341 BC Oct 31 = Pop 0 341 BC Nov 16 = Thoth 1
221 BC Oct 1 = Pop 0 221 BC Oct 17 = Thoth 1
101 BC Aug 31 = Pop 0
Sep 1 = Pop 1