Re: Stunning finds on Herefordshire archaeological dig

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I wonder wat a 'working brooch' is.
One that works, ever try to pin one on someone?

such as

Ah, not a type of brooch
"The cruciform brooch attributable to Group II was
no longer a working brooch when buried, but had
been broken and was sewn onto the garment."

Strange to mention that in a newspaper article.

"Human interest". I think it's quite unusual to dig up small things with
moving parts that are still intact and functional after centuries of decay
and accident under the ground.

May have to do with the ceremonial breaking of artefacts in burials ?

Or a favourite item that the owner couldn't bear to part with when it
broke (and perhaps couldn't afford to get it mended)? Exactly the sort of
thing a sentimental person might well do.

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