Re: Why are the sites in North and South America with claims for great age all on the East side?

Lee Olsen wrote, 26/05/2008 21:46:
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I cannot name one ('recent') excavation in the Netherlands
which was the result of finds by 'the public'.
Statement: "Remember that US archaeologists until recently
never dug deeper than the Clovis level."

Oregon fluted point finds.
Archaeologists..... 4
Pothunters etc......15
(of course this doesn't include all the illegal finds not reported)

1 Seneca Clovis survey
2 Siltcoos none Is., Clovis local person
3 Cottage Grove local person
4 Fern Ridge complete Clovis local person
5 Canby Clovis local person
6 Mohawk Valley local???
7 Winchuck Clovis augur;
8 Green Springs Clovis local person
9 Medco Pond complete Clovis local person
10 Winchester Clovis survey?
11 Ridgeline Meadow Clovis survey
12 Camas Valley Clovis local person
13 Dietz 35LK1529 Clovis local person
14 Malheur Clovis local person
15 Blalock complete Clovis local person
16 Fort Rock none Ft. Rock basal fluted collector
17 E. Oregon Clovis local person
18 Harney Lake fluted collector
19 Hoyt Site Clovis collector

That are no major finds, just scattered lithics.
Now list the finds of fluted poind found by
archaeologists during excavations. And list the
finds of sites found by amateurs.