Skeleton at Copan tomb may be Teotihuacan related


A few days ago, I posted the announcement that a tomb of a very early
ruler of Copan had been uncovered at the site. Here was the post;

Honduran archaeologists believe they have uncovered the remains of one
of the first kings of Copan in the temple of Oropendola. The bones are
in poor condition due to a roof collapse onto the remains. The bones
belong to a 30 year old man. The teeth are well preserved.
(My note; quite a lot can be learned from the teeth including the
geographic origins of the individual. I will post any further

The Straits Times has the story here;

a tiny URL;

Archaeologist Ricardo Agurcia, the chief archaeologist at this tomb,
has announced that the skeleton may belong to a son or brother of
Copan ruler Yax K'uk Mo who came from Teotihuacan. In the next several
weeks, radio carbon dating and DNA tests will reveal more about the
skeleton. Agurcia also announced that they found the largest piece of
jade in the Maya world at the site along with other jade pieces and

Erik Boot has the new report at his page;
Maya News Updates;

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