Re: My original source for the story - Prehistoric water-filled cave Dominican Republic

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David Christainsen

That may have been your "source", but note: it ends with:

"Adapted from materials provided by Indiana University."

Your "source" is tertiary [reporting on a report of a report] at best. It
cites the press release I
cited: you thanked
for) which was also cited in yesterday's Rogue Classicist.

If this were an exercise in a Research Methods class, it would receive an
at best

tk, PhD

Yet, you are only thinking inside-the-box.

At its best education is a collaborative effort
here on sci.arch and I've been here way longer
than you have.
I have been here since ca. 1996.


[And I have been a professional anthropologist since 1971. The date of your
Meteorologist degree is?]