Carl beats his dead hobbyhorse.

On Sep 30, 5:51 pm, Carl <pchristain...@xxxxxxxxx> defecated:
My email address -

Nobody cares.

Kindly put your criticisms of myself
in email and keep your 100% pure
static off usenet.

Fuck off, Crunchystatic.

I have a BROAD-SCALE thesis to propound
and I want a fair opportunity to do so.

Propound it somewhere else. Nobody here is interested.

I believe the reader already knows my topic(s).

No, really?

If there is interested readership,

There is no interested readership. If you had been paying any
attention at all for the last decade, you would have noticed that.

I will spell out and organize the topics.

No you won't. You will post links to the forum that you killed long
ago, and whine that nobody is following the links.

It may be that readers
who are not up to the technical nitty-gritty of
Dead Sea Scrolls and Thiering pesher or even
the relevant archaeological sites will need to
ask me clarifying questions...

No, nobody is interested, and if anyone is gullible enought to pose a
question, you will fail to answer it. You have conclusively proven
that repeatedly. You will just post links to some huge pile of crap
that you created in the past.

David "call me Carl" Christainsen

Fuck off, Carl.