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The Incas built many springs and fountains into their temple complexes
as part of their water cult. Four spiritual water fountains were found
today at Machu Picchu that were constructed 570 years ago. One
collects rain water from the mountain above and channels it through a
carved stone outlet. The water is then led to another carved channel
and then into 2 streams, one of which empties into the Vilcanota River
below through an underground tunnel. 3 other fountains were found

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Do you really believe this tale? It is very suspicious that a tourist dependent region makes such a 'discovery'. I smell a fake here. Why has it taken so long to discover this feature which has supposedly been in operation, working for 500 years? Why haven't they noticed them 'working' until now? Because they only just recently commissioned them in order to boost the number of tourists to the area to counter the drop off of visitors from the USA and Europe due to the effects of the GFC,

Considering no one knows what special significance Machu Picchu had, if any, there is no way to get to a water cult and spiritual fountains without a creative copywriter.

What is the point of worshiping a god that cannot be seen when its
performance is no better than a statue of Apollo?
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