Re: Until I investigated carefully, I did not know that Vanuatuans set sail further out in the Pacific Ocean again, heading eventually for the Easter Islands

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This article is better-written in part because
it tells who Mads Ravn is in his academic
capacity and what his role is for the team.
What does the reader think of the article?
Are there too many of Ravn's personal
opinions that he expresses while the views
of other archaeologists are not mentioned
concerning the Vanuatuans up to 3000 years ago.
David Christainsen
Your interest seems to be about Norwegians lately. Kind of a slim
basis for not knowing anything about Vanuatu, isn't it?
That's your bunk; I am judging from the exact words
you write, which you write carelessly.
It think the
article is the right length and that you haven't got a clue about the
Yet, Mads Ravn has a clue because of his expertise in
migration and colonising over great distances.
You mean he is a foreigner who is responsible for the
digital documentation of the project?
You really are clueless.
I wonder how many Easter Islands there are? I count one.

It is much easier to colonize imaginary islands.

Better yet, learn more before you "investigare carefully"