Re: Hobbit ancestors may have colonized island as much as a million years ago

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When the remains of tiny hominins — nicknamed hobbits — were found on
the isolated Indonesian island of Flores in 2003, it sparked an epic
hunt to understand the origins of these diminutive cousins of modern

It is yet to be proven that they are a different human species

Pic of the tools, comments from National Geographic. Primitive but
sailed the breaks between the islands, as much as 20 miles.

Let's make that "floated", or even "paddled"; but I think "sailed" is
pushing it.

Ross Clark

That's what a sail does, pushes. "Sailed" in the current vernacular
applies to all maritime journeys. You don't read that a destroyer "gas
turbined" out to sea. Example, the movie, "Until They Sail". NZ

True enough of today's vernacular, but one might want to be a little
more careful when talking about exactly what people were doing a
million years ago. In fact, even now, "I sailed over to Waiheke last
Saturday" would be an odd way of reporting it if I had just jumped on
the ferry.

Ross Clark

The stretch from our earliest physical evidence, 7,000 ya, to 850,000
ya or even 1m ya is impossible for us to imagine. For that matter the
people who did this do not seem to be near homo sapiens in ancestry.

Bednarik has done the work described in this article and the
bibliography. He has taken a result, Flores and Australia inhabited,
and back tracked "possibilities" to find a method that would yield the

It evades the obvious like how would you cut down bamboo using the
tools of a million years ago, could they make string and rope, could
they tie string and rope, did they just drift or did they follow some
form of current or wind pattern.

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