Re: Evidence of pre-Homo tool use

Eric Stevens <eric.stev...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So, yeah, people like me can easily picture arrivals
beginning, oh, maybe on the order of 40 thousand
years ago -- a time when modern man had already
reached Australia. Add boating technology (and not
necessarily anything fancy) and it's likely that
everything from whole tribes to lost individuals were
blowing onto America's shores from Europe & Africa
as well as Asia and the Pacific.

I'd even argue that the settlement of the Americas
makes little sense WITHOUT boats. There's just
no other way to explain early evidence found in
places like Mexico and even Chile, if they didn't
have boats and were dependent on some land bridge
and corridor.

Are you able to expand your argument to more
than one obstreporous sentence at a time?

You got three paragraphs on a single point: Boats.

I assure you I would be prepared to consider it.

Apparently not.

So if humans had boats -- and I believe they did (see
circumstantial evidence, above) -- they could have been
getting here from Europe and Africa as well as Asia and
the Pacific. And, if humans could do it, humans did do