Re: 1,238 year tree ring record found for ancient Mexico

The decline of civilizations is more likely due to a
plurality and confluence of factors; not just one. The
classic scenario is drought, disease, war, emigration,
plague and an invasion of giant rats.

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An important detailed record of rainfall fluctuations in
Mexico has been researched. There is a new 1,238 year long
tree ring
chronology, the longest and most accurate in Mexican
history. One
large ancient drought that began in the ancient Southwest
into Central Mexico from 1149-1167 CE. It would have
devastated maize
crops and perhaps dealt a fatal blow to the Toltec
civilization. The
record also precisely dates two other severe droughts that
may have
led to the rise of the Aztecs. The record also gives
confirmation to the Terminal Classic drought that may have
led to the
collapse of the Maya Civilization. The new record narrows
the time
span to 897-922 CE, and it extended into Central Mexico.
The team
studied 74 core samples from Moctezuma Bald Cypress trees
growing in
The study will be published in the Geophysical Research
Letters, a
journal of the American Geophysical Union.

Science Daily has the report here;

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