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paradisel...@xxxxxxxxx (Poetic Justice) wrote:

JTEM wrote;

Even amongst a single culture, like the
United States, and even sticking to just
people who accept without question the
official version of events,

"official version" You mean all the evidence?
 Unless you're


the blame falls on Bush,

The planning and


(Psst. Presidential Daily Briefs don't have names. Yet,
right before 9/11 someone gave this totally innocuous
or even meanings "Presidential Daily Brief" a scream
pink neon sign of a title, a real red flag, almost as if
they needed some plausible deniability. You may remember
it, as it is the only Presidential Daily brief ever

The fact is, this thing was either back dated, or Bush
new in advance that he needed some cover. It's unavoidable.

The Giwer lunatic fringe.

Apparently there's more than one lunatic fringe in this

12+yrs later? 'lunatic fringe'

It might've had something to do with the financing what you
call Al Qaeda....

Yes many Americans blame Clinton esp when Special Forces had Osama Bin
Laden in their literal sights and Clinton delayed & delayed and then
IIRC give it a 'no go'.

Never happened, Mr. Lunatic from the fringe. It never happened.

Anyhow, you missed the point of my post entirely, the sure
sign of an emotional basket case. Good luck with that.