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Then you must also deny the deaths in German cities which
occurred as a result of Allied bombing raids? Or did you
find these autopsies from Dresden and Hamburg which indeed
prove that these people died as a result of Allied bombing?

You keep avoiding this question. Where are these autopsies?

Please produce them, or admit that according to your logic(?)
the bombing of German cities is a hoax. It's that simple.

There is absolutely no reason for any rational person
to believe there was any mass murder by cyanide.

A document which mentions a "gassing cellar" in an Auschwitz-Birkenau

A document which mentions a "gas chamber" in an Auschwitz-Birkenau

A document requesting cyanide gas detectors for an Auschwitz-Birkenau

SS labor deployment report, listing 870 workers in the Auschwitz-
Birkenau crematoriums:

A study of the cyanide compounds in the Auschwitz gas chambers:

In a memo written on September 8 1942, Kurt Prufer of the
firm "Topf and Sons" stated that Auschwitz officials are not
satisfied with a cremation capacity of 2,650 corpses per day,
and "we should deliver more ovens as quickly as possible".

This small sample of the evidence is taken from a post to
alt.revisionism by Ronald Jacobson.


There is no point in going further than none of five people who claimed to have observed death by cyanide described the pathology of death by cyanide so there is reason at all to take the story seriously.