Re: 4 inch reflector can't resolve Mars at all

Bullseye wrote:
I have a Nexstar 114GT and it can give visuals of the moon nicely
(most scopes can I think) but I can't see sqwat when I point to Mars.
I pointed to it 1-2 years ago when it was all over the news that it was close to Earth, but all I could see was a pink little ball, no
features at all.

I also have a 114GT, but it came from the factory fairly well collimated. At the time you're talking about, I could see large patterns of greenish gray and pink, and sometimes a polar cap, but nothing fine.

Also in Saturn all I could see is a tiny little dot
with a tiny circle around it.

You should be able to see more than that. Collimation for a 114GT involves removing the correcting "Barlow" from the eyepiece holder, doing a collimation, then replacing the Barlow.

I've centered the scope and adjusted it
all the ways I'm supposed to to get the best image (I've forgotten the
exact terms that are used since I've ditched astronomy for awhile),
but trust me I did. I just want to sell this sucker and get a new one.
Can anyone recommend the best 4 inch reflectors out there for less
than $500? Or maybe a very good 8 inch dob for less than $500?

Get a bigger scope than 4 inches to see more planetary details.

Pat O'Connell
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