Re: Orion Sirius 100ED Refractor

On May 6, 3:56 am, johanli...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Good day

I would like to hear from someone who has used the 100ED or 80ED on
the Sirius mount.

What is your opinion of the mount's quality - tracking, etc.

For CCD imaging, what would the limiting magnitude be for the 100ED?


You're talkin' the Sirius EQ-G? Good mount. Definitely a step up
payload wise from the EQ4/CG5 level. If I were to offer any
criticisms, it would be that the software is a little less than full
featured. Synta is continuing to upgrade it, however, and it is
certainly more than useable. can use EQMod rather than an HC
and basically make the mount do whatever you want.

As for limiting magnitude. That depends so much on observer
experience, sky quality, and magnification that it's impossible to
give a hard and fast answer. Suffice to say, you'll see some 13th
magnitude sparklers in globs, but they will not put your eye out. ;-)

This is a 4-inch scope, and not exactly a powerhouse on the deep sky
because of that.

Unk Rod