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The gnawing worm of misogyny is found wherever education is blocked by
desperate men clinging to their self-seeking superstitions to maintain
their unique status. Such corrupt power is rarely the personal
accumulation of anything worthwhile. (except power itself) It is
always the denial of something essential to others. (usually denying
them their freedom to procreate, behave rationally or in their own
best long-term interests) There is no worm cure for misogyny. The
ancient instructions for conducting the priest's powers are written
indelibly in stone. They are powerless against the gnawing worm while
simultaneously terrified of allowing women their freedom. This would
instantly undermine their own empty power over the breeding stock and
arranged couplings. Slavery to superstition goes against all basic
survival instincts, social and economic evolution and strangles
genetic variety. Poverty is almost always the result for the majority.
It is a form of forced inbreeding which will eventually cripple the
believers but never the priests.

Denial of cross breeding with other competing superstitions is a
common trait to all. Dilution of the priest's powers by having
opposing pulls between different beliefs must be resisted at all
costs. Misogyny and the denial of natural love between human beings is
at the absolute centre of their powers. All the rest is just fancy
words used as window dressing to maintain control over the breeding
stock and new, brain-washed converts from the loins of the faithful.
Arranged marriages are the norm. Resistance to cross breeding is the
most vital element of religious control. Make the fertile breeding
stock believe they can only marry (and thus have disciplined
offspring) within their own faith. Or the whole pack of cards simply

The whole evil charade is all to keep a few of those too incompetent
to earn a proper living in relative comfort at the expense of all.
Until yet another faith turns to ancient dust under the combined
onslaught of education and mass emigration to more enlightened lands.
Don't call them priests or imams or bishops or scholars. These are
just fancy names for totally ruthless, psychopathic stock breeders.
Maintaining a stock of believers into eternity for their own selfish
ends. Simply because they don't want to work to survive like all the
rest of us. What is easier than to recite mumbo jumbo to keep the
believers enthralled? While simultaneously ensuring compound interest
on the investment in mind control over the new, upcoming breeding
stock? The amusing thing is that social control is largely maintained
by the more addled believers. Peer pressure to stay within the social
norms of the belief are self-perpetuating control factors wielded by
the victims themselves. The more devout the believer the harder he
works for the religious parasites enjoying life at the centre of
These people are always held up by the priests as worthy followers of
the faith. These same victims actually compete to keep the corrupt
priests/stock breeders in power.