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The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam:

go for it LWL's  and al gore dupes!

Greenland Ice Core Analysis Shows Drastic Climate Change Near End Of Last
Ice Age

The ice core showed the Northern Hemisphere briefly emerged from the last
ice age some 14,700 years ago with a 22-degree-Fahrenheit spike in just 50
years, then plunged back into icy conditions before abruptly warming again
about 11,700 years ago. Startlingly, the Greenland ice core evidence showed
that a massive "reorganization" of atmospheric circulation in the Northern
Hemisphere coincided with each temperature spurt, with each reorganization
taking just one or two years, said the study authors.

was this AWG?

 I still haven't seen any compelling evidence that show that CO2
warming or that it is the other way around, that warming causes CO2.
 It is true that CO2 is a potential green house gas but our atmosphere
has many other green house gases and has a much more complicated
temperature controlling factors than just CO2. The fact that the
earths temperature
has maintained as constant as it has over millions of years would
that CO2 isn't a destabilizing factor, or that could cause runaway
changes. If it was, we'd be long gone.
 Has the global temperature been going up in the last 30 years? Yes
Is man the primary cause? I doubt it.
 We should be much more worried about other factors of our
Things like fresh water, destruction of rain forest, spread of
religious wars, Earth quakes and general consumption of non-renewable
resources should be of greater concern.
 Moving away from dependency on oil and gas is and always has been
a good idea.
 I've looked at most of the sources that have been posted in this
as evidence. Most all are useless from a scientific point of view
there is a total lack of error information. In the one clear case of
warming I did see
that  any error where any indications, the highest error estimate of
were comparable to the large deviations in temperature in the same
 There is still no question in my mind that we have been in a warming
period. Things like the North poles ice sheet size are clear
that something is happening. No question that CO2 is on the increase
and little doubt that man is a dominate cause. It just still is not
to me that it is anywhere as drastic as claimed for temperature. I'd
be more worried about acid buildup in lakes and oceans than
changes from CO2.

try this short video