Re: Are amateur astronomers more conservative or liberal?

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Everything I've said can be backed up with historical reference.
I have several thousand history books in my house right now, how about
you ? I've studied history all my life, and know far about it than

You have several thousand history books in your house?? Where do you
sleep? If you have all that knowledge of history, then why did you
post that the Nazis started universal health care in Germany. That is
one of a number of things you got wrong. By the way, The Nazi Party,
regardless of name, was certainly NOT liberal ( was born there and my
parents told me enough about them to fill volumes). They destroyed the
liberal Weimar Republic. The Nazis were basically ultra-right wingers.
Just because they called themselves National Socialists, and just
because another country calls itself the People's Democratic Republic,
doesn't mean that they are either one of those things.

In the Axis countries the individual was subservient to the State, a
definitive trait of socialism. The difference between them and the
USSR was that they were less interested in government ownership of
industry, but they were still very interested in controlling it.

Baloney! The people were subservient to the large corporations, which
basically funded the Nazi movement. The corporations became the state
in Germany, but when you let the tiger out of the cage, sometimes he
takes over.

Nonsense! It was the government, not the corporations, that rounded
up dissidents, sent them to camps, committed atrocities and started a

Young people in Germany at the age of 16 had to put in 2 years of
unpaid service to either large land owners or corporations, basically
slave labor. It was called "Flicht Jahre" and everyone had to do it.
My mother put in her service on an estate.

Here's something along those same lines, with the "involuntary
servitude" part:

See, you or your parents pay taxes, and if you want some of that money
back you have to "volunteer."