Re: Osteoporosis

It's not on topic, of course, but you're right - it would be pretty
heartless to block it.

[disclaimer: I'm a medical anthropologist, not a physician, so take my
advice with the grain of salt it deserves]

Some options:

physiotherapy and exercise is the mainstay of patellofemoral (knee)
osteoarthritis. Surgery is generally the best option for cases that have
progressed very far, but exercise can work wonders. It should be
supervised by a physician or competent physiotherapist. This will have the
dual benefit of possibly helping her to lose enough weight to make her a
good surgery candidate as well.

To deal with the pain, there are a three good options:

1. Paracetemol is a good oral pain killer that seems to do well when taken
for joint pain, though most patients report less relief than for . It's
usually available over the counter, but it will depend on where you live.

2. Medial taping across the patella can reduce the pain - again, this is
something that needs to be done or at least taught by a professional. A
nurse is probably a good choice if you can't get access to a physical
therapist. Obviously, a brace is just a more convenient version, but some
people find that actually taping does a better job.

3. These days there are a number of topical analgesics that can be applied
directly to the joint. Talk to a physician about possibilities.

As the moderator is allowing us to be off-topic, here are a few

1. acupuncture, already mentioned, can give quite good pain relief
though it does not of course alter the underlyiing pathology. Repeat
treatments at intervals of 8-12 weeks may be needed to maintain

2. Topically applied nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs are probably
both safer and more effective than taking these by mouth.

3. glucosamine has been reported to work in some randomized controlled
trials though not in others. Probably worth a try.

4. If none of these help surgery generally gives good results.

Anthony Campbell, MRCP(UK).

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