Fats and Immune System / Obesity and Trauma

These new ideas on sleep are leading to more ideas:

Fat and it's role in the immune system.

Fats trigger immunity

Reductions in total body fat decrease humoral immunity

Very Low Fat Diet May Compromise Immune Function, Increase Infection
Rate in Trained Runners, UB Study Finds.

Body Fat and the Immune System,
m"It?s easy to think of body fat simply as storage -useful for
cushioning, insulation and holding energy reserves, but little else.
But that inert picture of fat is fundamentally wrong. Increasing
evidence points to fat playing an active role in the body, sending and
receiving hormones and other chemical messengers. And now UCD research
is shedding light on how our body fat can also act as an immune organ,
which when it fails can pave the way for serious disease."

This leads me to wonder if obesity reflects the body's response to
childhood trauma. Fat helps the immune system, so body says more fat
needed to fight trauma - and over does the response.

Childhood Obesity Often Linked to Trauma

How Childhood Trauma Can Cause Adult Obesity

Many more such studies when you google obesity + childhood trauma.


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