Re: What is a Gravimetric Factor?

c3calvin wrote:
> How can I calculate it?

Gravimetric factors or chemical factors were favourites of classical
analytical chemists. Not much you would find in modern day calculations
or books.

Suppose you wish to determine the amount of iron in a sample. You would
precipitate iron after suitable treatment with reagents in the form of
Fe2O3. You know the formula weight of Fe2O3 is 159 and atomic mass of
Fe is ~ 55:
You can set up a simple relation,
159 g Fe2O3 contains 2 x 55 g Fe
1 g Fe2O3 contains (2 x 55 g)/ 159 g Fe which equals 0.69, this
_number_ is called the gravimetric factor for Fe2O3.

What is utility of this factor, this is left as a question to the OP.
If you are further interested, find more about a "titre" (some sort of
analogue of gravimetric factor).