Solvent for paraffin

I need to find a suitable solvent to dissolve candle wax, paraffin. The
paraffin has been used to form a 4-5 mm thick coating on copper tube. I
need to remove the paraffin.

I've tried a commerical candle wax remover, which contains d-limonene
as its active ingredient. The problem is the high cost of the
commerical preparation, so I've tried to buy 100% d-limonene which is
not easy to obtain.

I've also tried janitorial solvents like Citra Sol and Orange Clean,
which all contain limonene, but the concentration is not high enough.

I've tried various organic solvents: paint thinner, alcohols,
cyclohexane,and acetone. The don't work.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!