NASA Chief James E. Hansen cooked the books on Global Warming

It is often said that 1998 was the hottest year and hence there has
been no Global Warming in nearly a decade. Apparently the books have
been cooked on Global Warming and the finger of blame points to NASA
Chief James E. Hansen. Statistical reassessment of the data now shows
that 1934 was the hottest year and five of the hottest ten years
occured before WWII. It is still true to say that since the invention
of thermometer, temperature records have shown an increase of 0.6 +/-
0.2 Centigrade degrees. A random number generator could have been used
to generate the numbers and the result would be the same. 0.6 +/- 0.2
Centigrade degrees is not a statistically significant change.


Global Cooling deniers!
Written by Editors Choice
Saturday, 11 August 2007

The eco-cult of the Globaloney-warming true-believers ignores reality.
If the earth is warming than why are winters in various parts of the
globe becoming colder, more violent and more prone to defy weekly
forecasts let alone millennium forecasts? To deny Global Cooling is
criminal. Where are the experts to demand [like they did in 1975] that
we only have 5 years to solve this Global Cooling crisis! Global
Cooling deniers are worse than holocaust deniers. By denying the
cooling trends they will cause the next ice age which will kill our
children; destroy the earth goddess Gaia; and make the UN and Al Gore
look like idiots [easy enough to do however]. Where is the outrage!

This year from Kansas, to British Columbia, to New York State to parts
of Europe, the winter of 2007 is the worst in a long while. Backtrack
a few years ago and cold records were set in Russia, Eastern Europe,
and North Africa. If Global warming is supposed to have us all cooking
in a human created microwave why is this happening? Why is the earth's
average mean temperature still around 14C today - the same as it was
120 years ago and why are winters literally all over the map and in
many places getting colder and worse, not warmer and brighter?

The reality which deeply disturbs the chattering eco-fascists and
mindless Marxist engineers who want to control and regulate, is that
the earth has climate cycles and there is not a damn thing we can do
about it. In what passes for UN and Al Gorean 'science' [ie. look
outside and see if it is hot today], Global Cooling has more of a
claim for our collective attention than Global Warming. In the vote
between cooling and warming, the natural climate cycle seems to be
voting for the deep freeze. My guess is that we will all be running
for the equator in front of fast moving ice-sheets long before we are
dropping dead from heat exhaustion.

Remember London in 1975? It snowed. How about Moscow in June 2003? I
was there - it also snowed. Detroit in the first week of October 2006?
Earliest recorded snowfall in the car-city. In Jerusalem during
December 2006? Largest recorded snow-fall in the city of
contemplation. Global warming? You don't say.

How about in Europe that great bastion of eco fascist Global Warming

"The winter of 2003 in the Northern Hemisphere broke all records in
freezing temperatures, and the ice in Finland came 15 days earlier
than usual....Astrophysicists predict a new Double Minimum (Gleissberg)
for the year 2030, a solar condition that will have a freezing
influence on Earth, taking temperatures down to the same as those of
the Little Ice Age of 1610 onwards, when the Double Maunder and Spörer
Minima occurred."

The winter of 2003 throughout Russia and Eastern Europe was the worst
on record. Power grids failed; power outages were constant and
literally hundreds of people died in the cruelest winter ever
recorded. Worst is to come in 2030 when a mini ice age should start.
Nice. From my recollection ice ages are not good for civilization and
usually result in little events like extinctions, collapsing societies
and mass migrations. Will Al Gore send me the 'how to survive the
coming ice age' video?

Global Warming? Interesting. Then why is the Antarctic increasing in
size; snow falls setting records in Texas and Kansas, and why are
people wearing ski jackets in Miami in January? If Global Warming is
so real and deadly why does Israel have snow and why is Mexican fruit
so much more expensive?

Some other cold weather news for the Global Cooling deniers.

-New York state; "Oswego County, a rustic string of towns and villages
on the southeastern rim of Lake Ontario, received 5 to 10 feet of snow
over eight days. In one town, Redfield, the National Weather Service
reported an unofficial total of 11 feet 8 inches (3.56 meters). "

-"Tuesday [Feb 6 2007] brought the coldest readings across West
Virginia since Feb. 5, 1996, when several all-time records were set or
tied for February, the weather service said. The mountain city of
Elkins fell to 16 below zero Tuesday, tying its record for Feb. 6 set
in 1979, the weather service said."

-"Severe crop damage from record cold was reported in the normally
temperate farms and orchards of California, prompting the Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenegger to request emergency assistance from the federal

-"Record freezing temperatures also damaged crops in the key
agricultural growing areas of Mexico's Sinaloa and Sonora states -
areas that produce much of the winter produce consumed in the United
States and Canada."

-"CNN -- More than 20 inches of snow blanketed some spots from
Maryland to New England. In Central Park in New York, a record 26.9
inches of snow piled up Sunday, breaking the mark of 26.4 inches in
December 1947, the National Weather Service said."; "Temperatures could fall to the mid-40s by early
Tuesday [mid-Jan] in Miami and Fort Lauderdale...Wind chill readings
could dip into the 30s."

"The following list shows the 10 longest streaks with consecutive days
of snow cover in Denver, and where the current season ranks.
63 days -- Nov. 26, 1983 -- Jan. 27, 1984
60 days -- Dec. 1, 1913 -- Jan. 29, 1914
55 days -- Dec. 21, 2006 -- (present and counting and certain to set
the record)

2005-2006 European winter
"Eastern Europe and Russia saw a very cold winter. .[in some areas
the] coldest on record or since the 1970s. Snow was in abundance in
unusual places, such as in southern Spain and Northern Africa. All the
winter months that season were well below average."

2004-2005 Southern Europe cold snap
"All areas of Southern Europe saw an unusually hard winter. This area
saw an ice storm which have a 1 in 1000 chance of happening. This cold
front caused snow in Algeria, which is extremely unusual."

2004 January cold outbreak New England
"New England was near a record month when frequent arctic fronts
caused unusually cold weather. ...One area of New York saw 150 inches of
snow in a month."

"the 2003 storm went into Washington weather history books as the
sixth largest snow total since records have been kept, and virtually
paralyzed most of the major travel corridors along the East Coast..."

CBC News: "...worst winter on record - and they've been keeping records
for 60 years. The Newfoundland Weather Centre says 300 centimeters of
snow have fallen on St. John's since December, and none of it has

And on it goes. According to the Global Warming holocaust cult the
earth is warming up because the UN and Al Gore say so based on
computer models that have been ridiculed; data that is either false or
misleading; and a non-scientific review of non-scientific samples
using non-disclosed variables and assumptions. According to the eco-
cult the earth is getting warmer because they pop their heads outside
in June and comment on how damn dry and hot it is. Case closed,
science solved.

Unless of course you are in London or Moscow at inconvenient times
when it happens to snow in June. The data is pretty clear - the earth
goddess is angry. We have upset our dear Gaia. She is making it colder
and nastier. Global Cooling deniers be aware!

Denying the existence of extreme winter weather is akin to denying the
holocaust. Denying that Global Cooling exists means you are fascist.
Denying that Global Cooling will destroy our world means you don't
love our children and care for the environment. Shame on you Global
Cooling deniers.

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