Re: Is hydroastatic acid possible?

Madalch wrote:
On Sep 17, 8:30 am, Protoman <Protoman2...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is hydroastatic acid possible? Is it a even stronger acid than
hydroiodic acid?

It might readily decompose to hydrogen and astatine, otherwise yes, it
should be stronger than hydroiodic. However, with a half-life of
eight hours (IIRC), very few people would bother trying to work with

Hydrogen astatide is regularly synthesised. Yes it forms hydroastatic acid, which is a stronger acid than HI - but the astatide ion tends to become oxidised easily, and it doesn't always behave as HI does.

The simple chemistry of At has been explored and many results are known, if a bit obscure.

20 or more interhalogens, CAt4, alkali salts - mostly used as radioactive tracers - spring to mind, but some very complex organo-astatine compounds have been made for nuclear medical research, including heterocycles and even monoclonal antibodies.

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