Re: the silliness of such things as mental effects

From: Lester Zick (
Date: 08/10/04

Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 15:47:06 GMT

On Mon, 09 Aug 2004 20:02:18 GMT, patty <>
in wrote:

>Patty's brain does her thinking, it is not done by some cultural myth.
>It is my writings here that are (or are not) effective in changing
>people's behavior.

So, why don't you study your hands? Their behavioral reinforcement is
obviously of much greater significance to your writing than your mind.

> I rather suspect that they have had no effect;
>obviously non on you.

Insightful truth always has an effect on me. Your blather doesn't.

> But even you can see how the writings of the
>elite of the EAB's have effected my writing. Perhaps that is the change
>that is concerning you. Well you are free to act upon me to reverse
>that change.

Actually we were discussing your lack of a mind and whether that has
an impact on your writing. If you're not concerned with your lack of a
mind, then I certainly am not.

> For that to happen you will need to talk in a manner that
>makes sense to me. Saying things like: "P 'not not' is contradictory",
>when it is embedded in the language of logic that (not (not P)) = P, is
>not going to change my verbal behavior in the slightest.

So, you're suggesting I need to cowtow to your lack of a mind to
install elementary tautological inference? Not happening.

Regards - Lester

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