Re: How many of you would support a poll tax in place of our current income tax?

Robert J. Kolker wrote:
> xyzer@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Actually, I'm saying someone who gives up labor for dollars or for
> > anything really is not necessarily different from someone who gives
> > say, dollars or other assets (including labor) for other goods
(e.g., a
> > TV).
> Are you saying anyone who works in order to buy things should work a
> little bit more for the government because he has bought things? In
> case you will get less work out of people than more work.
> Bob Kolker
> >

no i'm not saying that... honestly, I would be for the consumption tax
because it would also lessen the large compliance costs that go along
with our current complicated income tax. But a poll tax would do the
same thing, so i'd be for that as well. I think compliance costs run
to the tune of about a quarter of a trillion dollars every year.


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