Re: per capita GDP numbers : bogus?

I do not believe you have read a single book on economics. The only
reliable figure for unemployment is counting the claiments, and that is
the system used in France. The US and the UK downsized and right sized
their economies, France refused to do this, and it still has 10.2%
unemployment, and a moribund economy. Outsourcing to India, what
effect has this had on US jobs? Almost zero. Jobs in India, for the
most part, would never have exisited in the US in the first place. It
just allows the US to have a more flexible and larger labor pool than
its competitors. It will help with inflation because companies can
hold the cost down, it will help with corporate profits thus creating
more jobs. And doubtless in another 10 years the US will have a much
lower unemployment rate than France which will probably not allow its
companies to outsource. And the GDP per head would have widened
between the US and most countries in Europe.

The only traitorous senators are those that try to frustrate this
process. Alas there will be such senators who will revert to the
populist rhetoric that so many have become famous for. They will talk
about saving jobs for US workers, thus creating unemployment in the US.


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