Re: My C. Crane Radio's LCD Display is Failing

"W. Watson" (wolf_tracks@xxxxxxxxxxx) writes:
Anyone ever replace the LCD display on such a radio (subject)? I would think
it would be easy if one knew the replacement part. C. Crane will do it for
$25 if I send it in. I don't really want to be without the radio for long,
but maybe it's the easiest way.

As someone said, is the proper newsgroup.

But $25 doesn't seem like all that much to do it. I've never seen
the radio up close, but it seems like a lot of LCD displays are not
generic, they have something unique to the radio. And if that's the
case here, then getting the part will not be easy for a single individual.
You'll have to get it directly from the manufacturer. And they may
not want to deal in single quantities.

Since it is a C. Crane radio, ask them if they'll sell you the part without
doing the repair. If they say no, then you may have little choice but
to pay them the money (which again does not seem unreasonable).

Take note that it might be something far simpler. If there's a bad
connection, that would make the display flaky too.