Re: Transformer Help

On Sun, 28 Jan 2007 15:39:45 GMT, Jim Douglas
<james.douglas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am looking to replace a transformer for a rechargeable razor which was
plugged into 220V by accident, not me the kid. It's marked

I/P 120V O/P 3.8V 110mA

Gooogle showed little and searching Mouser and a couple of others didn't
find anything even close?

Any help is appreciated. I still have to run to the local surplus
electronics store but they are closed today!

That's not a transformer, it's a power supply with a 120VAC input
and a 3.8VDC output which can supply 110mA into a 34.5 ohm load.
(Your razor.)

What does it look like and how does it connect to your razor?