Re: Can I measure AC vampire current this way?

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 19:43:17 -0600, George <gh424NO824SPAM@xxxxxxx> wrote:

:I'd like to measure how much current various plugged-in devices draw
:when they are "off". I have a digital multimeter that will measure
:AC voltage. So I thought maybe I could place a small-value resistor
:in series in one of the AC lines, and measure the voltage drop
:across it. And then just calculate the current. But I don't know
:if the results would be at all accurate.
:Has anyone tried that? Is there a better way?

There certainly is a better way, although it will cost you. The Cent-A-Meter was
designed and developed in Australia to do exactly what you require. It is
suitable for all AC supply voltages and both 50/60Hz frequency. Cost
calculations can be set to $, UKP and Euro's.

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