Re: Question: Can laptop run off 12v deep cycle battery?

On Jun 12, 7:25 am, James Beck <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In article <a4890dcb-373f-4ccb-947e-9c7313ec5563>, pixs...@xxxxxxxx says...> On the road, a Dell laptop's AC-to-DC adaptor is powered by a 75W
inverter plugged into the car's cigarette lighter recepticle. Is there
any way aboard a small boat (using Radio Shack parts) a direct power
supply from 12v deep cycle battery to computer can be rigged up
without utilizing the inverter and the charging capabilities of the
Dell power brick? Default DC to the computer is 19.5V - 3.34A

Anything is possible, if you want to throw enough money at the problem.
Why not get one of those rechargeable power boxes that has the inverter
built in and use it to power the 'brick'? That way you can use it for
MORE than just your laptop.

Or for a DIY solution, two 6V, 7A-hr batteries in series (Home Depot
has 'em in the lighting section, about $20 ea.) plus a 100W 12VDC
inverter. Throw in a pretty box (with radiation hazard logo!) and a
9VDC wall-wart (to charge the batteries - don't ever exceed 15V!!) and
you're in business.