Re: Can DC voltage be doubled to drive 10 V relay ?

<SidErraytor@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Have some cheap 10 volt relays. My project will consist of 74HCT
gates supplied by 5 volts.
Is there any way of doubling 5 volts DC ?
Otherwise I'll need a power supply that supplies multiple voltages.


Where are you getting your 5 volts from, batteries or ac supply?
If it is an ac supply, go back to before your 5 volt regulator and check the
is it close to 10 volts? If it is, use it.
If it's only 6.5 or 7 volts, you then you might need to go to the
tranformer and
build a voltage doubler to get voltage for your relay. Someone will need to
draw this out because there might be some interaction between your existing
5 volt supply rectifier and the new voltage doubler circuit.
Later, Mike