Re: EEPROM boots w/o addressing

"Werty" <werty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Simple , low cost , EEPROM , that

spits out data from address

0000 , just by powering it up ,

and clocking it .

Does it exist ?

Its always bothered me to address

a simple low speed , serial device .


They could have built them to

boot w/o addressing .....

and better !

There's enuf pins to use 2 pins to

be jumpered on the board to select

which boot block to boot , w/o addressing .

I'm building a UART loader .

The EEPROM will establish comm

by sending all the right stuff to an ARM

MCU and then continue on with loading

a program to the ARM .

No, it doesn't exist.... what about processors that vector to FFFF and go