Re: hacks using portable dvd player screen .?

On Tue, 12 Jun 2007 19:50:17 +0930, "mark krawczuk"
<krawczuk65@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

hi, any one know of any hacks / mods or websites , using a portable dvd
player screen ?

i have a portable dvd player , the screen is good , but the rest is

Many portable DVD players have different internal design and to make a
web site for one would be somewhat impractical. The short of it is:
leave the bottom unit alone as 99% of the time, the LCD display module
do not have any analog to digital input, only on the main board.

I have an old 7" widescreen player that wouldn't play so I gutted it,
took out the motor and laser assembly, set the switch to input (video
input from external source) and hard soldered it that way. Then
rotated the board so it's mounted on the back of the LCD module rather
than the front. All that's left is to make a new case to hold them
all in. I suck at plastic molding and I don't have the right tools
for the wood framing.

One possible use for it is to make it like a picture frame hooked to
my PC and have my PC run slideshow outputted on analog video to the
LCD display.