Re: EEprom writing

"Joe.G" <joe.g@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Ramtron has FRAM which has "no delay writes" (actuall 72nS I think).
> The have are mostly drop in I2c compatable with 24cxx eerpoms... part
> no
> FM24Cxx.
> JG
> "Enzo" <ternavasio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:Yk95e.747173$b5.33580119@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> I use the I2C bus for writing/reding eeprom 24Cxx, with 8051 Micro
>> family.
>> When i write to it, i have to wait a lot of time, otherwise nothing is
>> written.
>> It seems i follow the correct signals sequence, but i cannot get out of
> this
>> delay.
>> Is there someone that has experience ?
>> Enzo
Also, the delay is the same to write one byte, as to write a 'block'. Most
of the chips support 16 byte or more 'block write' mode, so you can save a
lot of time if moving big amounts of data, by using the block write
You can also verify whether the write has finished by doing a 'start',
sending a command, and checking for ack. This allows the delay to reduce
in some cirumstances (the write time changes with temperature, voltage
The FRAMs are great though. I have used these for a couple of years on
various projects, and they are a godsend where you don't want the delays.

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