Re: OT: Copying text from a PDF

Rich Grise <richgrise@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Click "Download" to get to ,
>then scroll down to "Precompiled binaries" and it's probably either
> (1142558 bytes) for Win32 or
> (1775202 bytes) for DOS.
[snip useful extract]

>Good Luck!

Thanks, got it, and it works a treat. Particularly impressed with its
speed. Glad you introduced me to it.

Mind you, I'm never too keen on leaving the GUI and getting into a DOS
Command Prompt window <g>. Seem to be two ways of doing it:

1) Open the DOS window in the XPDF program folder and then (assuming
defaults are OK) enter:

pdftotext "D:\long path\probably with some blanks\so needs

2) Open the DOS window in the folder containing the PDF file and

"D:\Program Files\xpdf-3.00pl3\pdftotext" filename.pdf

Am I right? Any other methods?

Terry Pinnell
Hobbyist, West Sussex, UK


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