Re: OT: Copying text from a PDF

Terry Pinnell <terrypinDELETE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Rich Grise <richgrise@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Click "Download" to get to ,
>Glad you introduced me to it.


>Am I right? Any other methods?

3 and 4 let you just type "pdftotext" no matter what directory you're

3) Put "D:\Program Files\xpdf-3.00pl3\" in your $PATH.

4) Copy pdftotext.exe to c:\windows or c:\winnt (which are already in
your $PATH).

5) Install the "Command Prompt Here" powertoy (Google it) which will
allow you to navigate to the folder in Exploder, then get a command
prompt starting in that directory.

6) format c:, then install Linux or FreeBSD. Caution: this process may
lose data.

Matt Roberds