Computers for disabled Veterans

Michael A. Terrell wrote:

> A character (S.D.) on another newsgroup has been stalking me online
>for about three years so I had him kill filed and his e-mail addresses
>blocked. Then S.D. started creating new identities about every other
>day to evade everyone's kill filters. I tried to get "News Proxy" to
>work to filter out everything posted from S.D.'s IP address because he
>was creating fake domains with each new identity. Then he started
>posting from Google.
> S.D. is supposed to be under his state's mental health care program,
>but they claim its cheaper to do "Home care" rather than proper
>supervision. S.D. saw the link to the website for my project to
>collect, repair and distribute free computers to other disabled veterans
>in the Marion County, Florida area. There are over 40,000 veterans in
>Marion County, and a fair number are 100% disabled and can't afford a
>computer, or to have theirs repaired.
> S.D. decided to call the phone number listed on the website which was
>clearly identified as a church and threatened the woman who answered the
>telephone, ranting that "He isn't very Christian" because I didn't reply
>to a kill filtered message S.D. had posted. Then S.D. claimed that the
>Florida State Attorney General was to investigate the church for letting
>people drop off donations for the project, and scared the daylights ot
>of the woman. Then S.D. went to the newsgroup and bragged about making
>the call, and his threat about the Attorney General.
> I reported S.D. to the sheriff and filed a report. They are supposed
>to follow up on it, but in the meantime I have removed the link from my
>sigfile. I pray that they put S.D. back in the mental hospital and get
>him under control.
> If you are interested in what I am doing, E-mail me and I will send
>you a link to the website. I'm not asking for any donations or support
>online, but I would like to see the idea spread to other areas.
>Link to my "Computers for disabled Veterans" project website deleted
>after threats were telephoned to my church.
>Michael A. Terrell
>Central Florida

It's reall a shame that a bunch of heroes who defended our country
have to be inconvenienced because of one kook. Normal people react
to being killfiled by moving on; ranting and raving over someone
who simply wishes to be left alone is seriously unbalanced.

I wonder whether a restraining order would help...