Re: LED driver chips, TLC5923

"Joerg" <notthisjoergsch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello Terry,
> Ok, tried it. Loaded that page into MS-Word which, after all, is a
> Microsoft product. MS-Word displayed it correctly (!). Hmm...
> Anyway, I saved it again from MS-Word which miraculously increased the
> file size by a few hundred bytes. Oh well. Then I uploaded it to the web
> server and tried it. Fine with Netscape and Mozilla. IE still mangles it.
> If it was me I would ditch IE.

No, I can't do that - least problems with using it as it is the dominate
browser. Also I use FrontPage Express to compile my own web site - it's
fairly straight forward. I can see from my stats that over 90% of my
visitors are using IE and a lot of sites are set up predominately for IE for
that reason. Yeah, I know it stinks but I just go with the flow.

PS. I would think it would be easy just to use > View > Source to edit your
page anyway.

Good luck.