Re: The squirrel, the fireball, and the explosion

Poppycock. You all missed the symbolism.

The wire is the timeline of man. The moving ball of fire is the
unprecedented acceleration of entropy, with the resulting explosion the
completion of all order to disorder.

The squirrel was actually a mouse which, if you have not yet realized, is in
control of everything.

Moral of the story: always carry a towel.


"sonos" <sonos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I was watching the news a few months ago. The eye-witness reports:
> "There was this fireball that travelled down the wire for about a
> block, and when the fireball reached the transformer, there was this
> explosion."
> Authorities blamed a squirrel.
> What was the fireball and why did it travel slowly (and not
> instantaneous like lightning) to the transformer?
> Was the fireball a 'moving molten short'; the squirrel caused
> the initial short, heating the power wire, melting the wire. The molten
> short then melting down the wire to the transformer where the surge caused
> the explosion? Or was it a plasma ball, attracted to the magnetic pull of
> the transformer and the squirrel was just an innocent bystander?